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Instruction on what to do in case you found a suspicious item




Do not come close to a suspicious item.

Report the incident to reception by phone number 100 or 101 from your room.

It is forbidden to allow random people to touch the suspicious item or try to neutralise it. After the police arrived at the place of object detection act according to the instructions of a police officer.


In the event you find a suspicious item, it is absolutely forbidden:

  1. To touch or to move the suspicious item and other items that are in contact with it.
  2. To extinguish the detected item with liquids, cover up with soil or to cover it with a cloth or other materials.
  3. To use a mobile phone, electrical and radio equipment near the detected object.
  4. To have a thermal, sound, light, mechanical and electromagnetic effect on the detected item.

Smoking in the hotel is strictly forbidden according to the Federal law №15-ФЗ of 23.02.2013 “On the protection of citizens' health from the effects of ambient tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption”. The hotel has a ban on smoking tobacco, vaping (using of tobacco products, liquids to inhale smoke, appearing because of its decay or heating (including e-cigarettes)) on the whole Hotel territory in all premises and common zones, including rooms. In case of breaching of this obligation, the Hotel has a right to apply to law enforcement to bring the Guest or their visitors to administrative responsibility. In case of establishing the fact of smoking in the room by staff of the Hotel, the Guest will be obliged to pay for dry cleaning of the room from the smell of smoke, using of means of odour absorbers, washing curtains, tulle, textile, dry cleaning of furniture in the amount established by the Administration of the Hotel. The fact of smoking on the territory of the Hotel is confirmed by an act, made by Hotel staff. If the Guest refuses to sign the act or to take part in its drawing up, a corresponding mark will be put down in the act.

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