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Hotel complex
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Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Diana Group of Companies



These Rules of living, booking and payment of hotel services (further – Rules) at the hotel complex “Diana” are worked out in accordance with “Rules of giving hotel services in Russian Federation (RF)”, confirmed by Decision of the Government of RF of 09.10.2015 № 1085 (version of 18.07.2019) and by standards of the Civil Code of RF, by Law of RF “Protection of consumers’ rights”.

The Hotel is assigned for temporary living of Guests during the period coordinated with the Hotel.

The working regimen of the Hotel is day and night.

These Rules are public offer of the hotel complex “Diana” to unlimited circle of consumers interested in acquiring of hotel services.

These Rules are placed at the Reception and on the official site of the Hotel www.diana-hotel.ru



Hotel –is the hotel “Diana”, situated at the address: 607220, Arzamas-town, Nizhegorodsky  region, 34а, Kalinin-street.

Guest is citizen going to book or booking and using the services of the hotel complex “Diana” for personal needs.

Executer is the hotel complex “Diana” rendering hotel services according to compensated agreement.

Reception is the service of accepting and placing of Guests situated on the first floor of the Hotel doing booking, receiving, registering and settling of the Guests.

Payment time is 12-00 of local time.                                                           

Time of coming is 14-00 of local time.

Time of departure is 12-00 of local time.

Public offer is the offer of the Hotel to conclude an agreement on giving hotel services which is addressed to unlimited circle of consumers interested in acquiring of hotel services.

Accept is consent of a consumer interested in acquiring of hotel services to conclude an agreement on giving of hotel services.

Visitors are persons who don’t live at the Hotel but have rights with the invitation of living Guest to be in the Guest’s room from 10-00 am to 11-00 pm.

Price-list is list with services and prices, rooms’ description. You can see it on the official site www.diana-hotel.ru, and at the Hotel Reception.



The Hotel concludes an agreement on giving hotel services with the Guest forming a document signed by both sides, or Reception can accept an application on room’s booking, sent by post, fax, telephone, Internet (e-mail or from the Hotel site).

An agreement on giving hotel services is considered to have been concluded from the moment of signing it by both sides or Guest’s paying before the day of settling (in the form of Guaranteed payment) for the first 24 hours living (100 %) at the Reception, in cash, with credit card, bank transfer on the base of received account on paying and written confirm of booking and also when paying with Internet-acquiring.

If  Guest doesn’t fulfil paying obligation including the obligation on compensation of loss or on forfeit in case of breaking the agreement and obligation, the Hotel deducts the Guaranteed payment and counts towards fulfilling of proper obligation.

After giving of hotel services finished, Guaranteed payment is counted in cost of given Hotel services.

Guest can pay for hotel services completely before the moment of their giving at the Reception in cash, or by bank card, or by bank transfer on the base of received account and written confirm of booking, or the Hotel site (system of booking-online with the help of Internet-acquiring). In last case Guaranteed payment is not needed,

Fulfilling registration of an application on room’s booking or registering settlement in a room at the Reception Guest confirms his acquaintance with these Rules, conditions of booking, the Rules of fire safety and also Guest agrees with using of his personal data according to item 4, paragraph 9 of Federal Law “About personal data” from 27.07.2006 № 152-FL (version from 21.2.2017).

The Hotel guarantees confidence of information about Guests.

Concluding an agreement Guest acquaints himself with these Rules, placed at the Reception or at the official Hotel site.

Telephones of Reception:

Теl.: + 7 (83147) 2-40-64, Fax: + 7 (83147) 72-777

Site: www.diana-hotel.ru

E-mail: www.diana-bron@yandex.ru

Hotel Price-list contains information about prices and rooms’ classes. It is placed at the Reception and at the Hotel official site: www.diana-hotel.ru.

The Hotel can establish prices and rates using system of discounts on all services, which are given to Guest, except those ones, which are submitted to the state regulation of prices and rates.

Price of living and extra services is established by the Hotel itself. The Hotel fixes list of services, which are included in room’s price, and also the period of their giving.

Booking and settling Guest chooses room’s class. But right of choosing the concrete room belongs to the Hotel Reception.

Booking is true after written confirm from Reception by E-mail or fax.

Guarantee of giving living services at the Hotel is complete or partial payment (guaranteed payment for the first day and night of living) of booked services by the Guest.

If Guest did not use booked living service at the Hotel on the indicated date of arrival, or refused from Hotel services, or was late Guaranteed payment is withheld by the Hotel as a fine for room’s stoppage. 

Booking with the system online takes place if Guest indicates in booking application the data of his bank card with giving to the Hotel rights on advanced authorization of 100 % price for the first day and night of living and the following payment of Hotel services (Guaranteed payment)during registration of settling both with using of advanced authorized sums on bank card or with possibility of cancel of advanced authorization by the Hotel and Guest’s 100% payment for Hotel services (guaranteed payment)or in any other way of payment which is suitable for Guest.

The advanced authorization of payment for the first day and night of living on the bank card guarantees a room for Guest from 14.00 to 12.00 of the next day at any time of arrival.

If Guest did not use the service of living at the Hotel on the indicated day of visit, or if he was late and did not cancel booking in written form in 24 hours before arrival (12:00), advanced authorized sums are withheld from his bank card by the Hotel as the payment for room’s stoppage (for the first day and night). 

Guest can cancel booking only in written form by E-mail www.diana-hotel.bron@yandex.ru or by fax + 7 (83147) 72-777.



Placing of Guest according to guaranteed application is fulfilled if information in application (or in amendments to application) conforms with Guest’s personal data completely. If Guest’s data do not conform with guaranteed application, placing of Guest is fulfilled in vacant room with Guest’s guaranteed paying for Hotel services at the time of settling.

Hotel registration of Guests, citizens of Russian Federation, is fulfilled according to “Rules of registration and striking off register for the citizens of Russian Federation in places of being and living in Russian Federation”, confirmed by the Decision of the Government  of  Russian Federation of 17.07.1995 (version of 25.05.2017). According to the item 14 of these Rules the registration of a citizen in the place of being at the Hotel is fulfilled on the moment of his arrival by the Hotel administration on the base of his identify certificate.

According to the item 41 of “Administrative order in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russian Federation about giving of state service on registration of the citizens of Russian Federation in places of being and living in Russian Federation”, confirmed by the Order of MIA of Russian Federation of 31.12.2017 № 984, identify certificates are:

1) Passport of the citizen of RF identifying his person on the territory of RF;

2) Birth certificate for children younger 14 years age;

3) Passport of the citizen of RF, identifying his person abroad – for persons with constant living abroad.

According to this Administrative order of MIA RF working certificates are not considered to be the documents identifying citizen’s person, needed for registration.

Hotel registration in place of being and striking off the register for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship are fulfilled according to:

  • the item 25.3 “Administrative order of MIA of RF about the giving of state service of migrating registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in Russian Federation”, confirmed by Order of MIA RF of 23.11.2017 № 881;
  • the Decision of the Government of  RF  0f 15.01.2007 № 9 (version of 07.03.19) “Order of migrating registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in Russian Federation”;
  • application forms for registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the place of living;
  • information about arrival of foreign citizen or person without citizenship into the place of being;
  • notes about registration of foreign citizen or  person without citizenship in the place of living;
  • notes about confirming of fulfilling by passing side and by foreign citizen actions, needed for his registration in the place of being.  

Settling foreign citizens the Hotel makes obliged migrating registration. This service is charged. 

Persons aged to 18 can settle at the Hotel only with one of the parents, or close relatives, or themselves, having the letter of attorney from both parents and birth certificate or passport (from 14 years age).

Living of persons aged to18 together with persons aged from 18 (if they are not relatives) in one room is forbidden at the Hotel. In case of breaking this item of the Rules of living at the Hotel, hotel administration is not responsible for possible consequences of these persons’ actions. Responsibility for possible consequences of these persons’ actions is placed on the person aged from 18.

Persons aged to18 may live together with persons aged from 18 in one room if they are relatives (child with mother, or father, or guardian, or trustee, or representative of guardian state agency).

Persons aged to18 may live together with persons aged from 18 in one room if they are not relatives only if they have:

1) written permission from mother, or father, or guardian, or trustee;

2) written permission from guardian state agency.

Registration of person aged to 14 is fulfilled on the base of documents identifying personality of being with them parents (adopters, guardians) or close relatives, or accompanying person (persons); documents confirming rights of accompanying person (persons) and also birth certificate of these minors.

We refused in settling and living to guests who are in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

We refused in settling to guests  with animals.



Hotel complex “Diana” gives to living Guests charged and free services according to confirmed Price-lists.

Guest must pay living service for the first day and night before settling in a room. Breakfast is included in living cost.

Payment of the Hotel services is made in roubles  in cash, or with bank cards  (VISA, MASTERCARD), or in written order, or from the Hotel site with using Internet acquiring according to the Price-list, acting on the date of confirming booking.

Settling in the Hotel is from 14:00, calculating time is - 12:00.

Payment an hour is not foreseen.

When Guest settles in the Hotel after 12:00, he pays for 24 hours, next day and night of living is paid as if Guest settled at 12:00 of the current day.

Earlier settling is possible if there are vacant rooms.

If Guest arrives from 00-00 to 12-00 extra payment (not above for half a day) is taken according to the item 29 of “Rules giving hotel services”, confirmed by the Decision 0f the Government of Russian Federation from 09.11.2015 № 1085 (in this case breakfast in the day of settling is not foreseen).

When the paid time of living finishes Guest must clear the room not later than 12:00 or he must prolong time of living. It may be prolonged if there are vacant rooms at the Hotel.

Extra payment for prolonged living is:  

  • payment an hour, if Guest leaves the room before 18:00;
  • payment for half a day if Guest leaves the room  from18:00 to 00:00;
  • payment for day and night if Guest leaves the room after 00:00.

If Guest settles with children (not more than one child aged to 7) without extra place, payment for living and food of the child is not taken.

If Guest settles with children of any age, payment for the second and following children is taken according to confirmed Price-list on living services.

If Guest doesn’t leave the room on time, Hotel administration has right to evict him.



According to the Hotel Rules repayment is fulfilled in the same way, which Guest used for payment.

Guest’s refusal from living on the day of settling with repayment of full sums for the room is accepted in case, when Guest appealed to the Reception during the first hour and he did not use the room.

If Guest leaves the room earlier the time, the Hotel has rights to withhold payment for day and night (from the date of advance leaving). This sum is the payment for reserving of the room on Guest’s name for the full period of living. Sums left after withholding is returned to Guest. Repayment is fulfilled if Guest informed Executer about advance leaving in written form earlier than the day before Guest’s living.

If the payment has been done in written order, information must be done by the organization, which booked living. If the payment has been done in cash, Guest must appeal to a receptionist and write an application for repayment.

To get repayment (if payment was done in cash or with bank card at the Hotel), Guest should appeal to the Reception and write an application, in which he points out full period of planned living, the period of real living, way and sums of payment and sums of repayment. Guest must enclose the check and copy of his passport to the application.

Repayment of sums paid with credit card is fulfilled on the base of an application, written by Guest himself, and Guest must show his passport.

Repayment is fulfilled during day and night at the time of Guest’s appealing (if Guest has paying check).

If Guest has no paying check, repayment is fulfilled according to the item 5 of the article 18 of the Law “Defence of consumers’ rights” (if there is receptionist’s visa on Guest’s application) on workdays from 08:00 to 17:00 (local time).

To get repayment of sums, paid with Internet-acguiring or with bank transfer on paying account Guest must appeal to receptionist with application, in which he writes the period of planned living; the period of real living; way, date and amount of payment; sums of repayment; necessary data where repayment should to be sent. Guest must enclose the copy of his passport and the bank document confirming payment. In this case repayment is fulfilled during 3 weekdays to the paying account, written by Guest.

To get repayment of sums paid with tourist firm or booking agency Guest must appeal to the organization, which took payment.



  1. Guest must keep Rules of living and Rules of fire safety, established by the Executer.
  2. Guest must keep cleanliness in the room, he must not move the furniture. If  Guest lives in the room of the first class Standard he must not use the second bed. If he breaks this rule he must pay as for extra service.
  3. If the Guest lost or break Hotel property, he must pay for damage. He is also responsible for other breaches (according to the legislation of RF). Spoiling of materials and things, (if afterwards they lost their original qualities) are considered to be breaking of the Hotel property.
  4. Being at the territory of the Hotel “Diana” Guest must not make noise above norms by his actions in day time; he must keep silence from 10.00 pm. to 07.00 am.
  5. Smoking in the Hotel is forbidden (item 5 and 6 of the first part, article 12 of the  Federal Law of 23.02.2013 № 15-FL “Security of citizens’ health from acting of smoking and its consequences”). In case of breaking this rule administration of the Hotel can evict Guest after warning. Fine for the smoked room is payment for 2 days room’s stoppage according to the Price-list,
  6. Drinking of alcohol is forbidden in public places of the Hotel – halls, corridors, in stairs, in café (FL № 171 from 22.11. 1995, version from 01.05.2019г.).
  7. Living the room Guest must close windows and doors, turn out electric devices and electricity. Leaving the Hotel Guest must give back key-card to the duty receptionist.
  8. During Guest’s absence in the room he must not leave strangers there. Guest must not dive room’s key-card to other persons.
  9. Keeping of animals and birds in the room is not forbidden.
  10. Keeping of bulky, poisonous, explosive and fire-dangerous things is forbidden.
  11. Having and keeping of cold steel and fire-arms are forbidden at the territory of the Hotel complex.
  12. Using of electric devices, which are not included in the list of room’s equipment (boiling devices, coffee makers, slow cookers, electric cookers) is absolutely forbidden. Proving fire-safety Hotel administration has rights to confiscate such devices till Guest’s departure.
  13. Proving safety of living Guests Executer has rights to make operative video-shooting in public places of the Hotel complex.
  14. With the purpose of proving safety for living Guests there is the regulating limit on the amount of visitors. Not more than one person to one room may visit Guest from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. Guest must inform administration about visitors. The living Guest is responsible for all visitors’ actions during their being at the territory of the Hotel complex. After 11:00 pm visitors must register their being at the Hotel on the Reception according to acting Rules. Only one person may be settled to Guest, living in the room alone.
  15. Executer is not responsible for loss of money and valuable things, which were not handed into the cloak-room, situated at the Reception. Only registered Guests, living at the Hotel, can use cloak-room during their living at the Hotel (for extra payment according to Price-list). If Guest found loss, shortage or spoiling of his things, he must inform the Reception.
  16. Administration of the Hotel “Diana” is not responsible for preservation of Guest’s personal car, left near the Hotel entrance.
  17. Leaving the Hotel complex Guest must give back room’s key-card at the Reception, make full payment for living and extra services.
  18. If the time of living ended and Guest is absent in the room from 12:00 am to 11:00 pm or from 11:00 pm to 12:00 am if his living was not prolonged and paid in time), Hotel administration has rights to organize commission, make list of Guest’s property and clear the room. Valuable and other things administration places them on the free of charge keeping into cloak-room of forgotten and found things.
  19. Book of recalls and suggestions is at the Reception. It is given with the first request of Guest (except persons in alcohol intoxication).
  20. If Guest breaks these Rules, Executer has rights to refuse Guest in further living and evict him from the Hotel without repayment for living.



The Hotel gives services, their payment is included in price of living:

- breakfast from 07:00am to 10:00 am;

- call of tax;

- WI-FI at the territory of the Hotel;

- service of city telephone connection;

- daily cleaning of rooms;

- change of bed-linen every three days;

- everyday cleaning is made after the first day of living to 04-00 pm;

- using of room of living conditions (an iron, an ironing-board, an microwave, a fridge);

- safe-deposit box in the room- сейф в номерах.

Earlier change of bed-linen may be made at Guest’s request for extra payment.

The Hotel gives extra services, payment for them is not included into price of living:

- giving of transfer;

- organizing of conferences, seminars, trainings with coffee-breaks, business-lunches;

- giving of international/interurban connection;

- copying and printing of documents;

- giving of excursions services.



- leaving the room do not forget to turn out TV-set lamps;

- observe rules of using of electric devices;

- try to remember the arrangement of exits and stairs perfectly, if you arrive at the Hotel for the first time;

- do not smoke in the room, smoking in the room is forbidden;

- do not keep fire dangerous substances and materials;

- do not use electric devices, which are not included in the List of room’s equipment (electric boiling devices, coffee-makers, slow cookers).

Proving fire-safety Hotel administration has rights to confiscate such devices till Guest’s departure.


IF THE FIRE BEGAN in your room:

- undertake actions to put out the fire with fire-prevention devices;

- if this is not possible, come out of the room, close the door without locking it;

- inform administrator or another Hotel clerk about the Fire;

- leave dangerous zone and act according to instructions of administration or firemen.


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