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The Stupin monument

The Stupin monument

Monument to A.V. Stupin

The icon-painting craft was developed in connection with the active church erection, in due course it became an art and made an outset of Arzamas art school headed by its founder .V. Stupin. The art school became a remarkable phenomenon in the history of the Russian culture of the I half of the XIX century. It was the first art school in Russia, where also serves were taught getting not onye artistic but also compulsory education. During 60 years of its existence (1802-1862) Arzamas art school brought up a good deal of people’s talents. Among them are N.Alekseev, V. Raev, I. Gorbunov, N. Rachkov, K. Makarov, R. Stupin and others. The rudiments of painting were given to the outstanding Russian painter V.G. Perov at the Stupin art school. These painters’ works decorate the museum halls in St.Petersburg, Moscow, N.Novgorod, Kazan’, Saransk.

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