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The Resurrection Cathedral (1814-1842)

The Resurrection Cathedral (1814-1842)

The Resurrection Cathedral (1814-1842).

The Resurrection Cathedral is the most valuable monument of architecture built on the all inhabitants' subscriptions was erected in honour of the Russian people's victory over Napoleon in the Patriotic War in 1812.
The design of the future Cathedral was made by the native of Arzamas, the Academician of architecture M.P. Korinfsky (1788-1851). He was the famous architect A.N. Voronikhin's apprentice.

The stately temple, the main town's adornment, stands on the high hill, completing its main square's ensemble. From afar the white cube and 5 cupolas dominate undividedly over the town's buildings, subjecting all the diversity of the town's churches. The most sacred and wonder-working icon of the orthodox Arzamas - the Live-working Lord's Cross with an elaborately carved one is stored in the Cathedral and esteemed from ancient times.

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